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EASA-External Affairs Spouses’ Association

The beginning of summer vacations at Swapna Sarthak School was marked by joyous and exhilarating experience for students of class 3,4 and 5. A week long volunteer workshop held by some of the outstanding children of Ministry of External Affairs Residential complex at Chankyapuri, brought in a special learning experience through close interaction, peer learning and collaboration. The children developed a special bond with each other as they studied different topics, played games, painted the school window panes and indulged in several activities daily. Here are some of the images of the memories we created together. Thanks you EASA (External Affairs Spouses’ Association) for this collaboration.

IMG-20190604-WA0018 IMG-20190604-WA0016 IMG-20190604-WA0015IMG-20190604-WA0014IMG-20190604-WA0013IMG-20190604-WA0012IMG-20190604-WA0011IMG-20190604-WA0010IMG-20190604-WA0006IMG-20190604-WA0005IMG-20190604-WA0002IMG-20190604-WA0003IMG-20190604-WA0017

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