‘GUNJAN FOUNDATION is a non-governmental social organization registered under Niti Aayog and under the Societies Registration Act, (XXI) of 1860, founded in 2004 by Ms. Sushma Singhvi with a mission to pursue educational and other welfare measures for uplifting the underprivileged sections of the society. It sought the task of educating and creating social awareness for the less fortunate thereby improving opportunities for a better standard of living. Gunjan reaches out to children, especially the girl child to promote empowerment, self-respect, and self-reliance through free education which fosters hope and confidence in pursuing fulfilling lives..

There comes a time in the life of an organization when it wants to expand its horizons, pivot and refocus on core priorities and use efforts and resources for optimal results. To this end, from the coming financial year, we have decided to shift all our students from our Swapna Sarthak School to nearby private schools and support their education there by providing monetary aid.

The encouragement, mentoring, and scholarships will be ours and the partner schools will be Shishu Kalyan High School.

We had already started a scholarship program about four years back for our students who join Shishu Kalyan High School from Class 6th to 12th after completing education till 5th grade in our Swapna Sarthak School in Gurgaon. As of now we have provided scholarships to about 81 alumni students in Shishu Kalyan High School, 3 in Summer Field School, and 1 in Ridge Valley School. Out of these, we are providing scholarships to 75 students in Shishu Kalyan High School, Gurugram, and the rest is funded by DLF Foundation on Gunjan’s request.

Our first batch will now pass out from 12th grade ready to embrace the growth opportunities of the world. Not wanting to leave these students midstream it is also our endeavor now to see these students through college. We plan to provide scholarships to deserving students for higher studies. This way their future is more than secure.

But it does not stop there – we have plans of providing our children with cutting-edge tech knowledge, seminars, and workshops that introduce them to new concepts – digitization, entrepreneurship, etc. We will continue hand-holding them and providing mentorship through our amazing network of teachers, volunteers, and members of the Gunjan Foundation. As the world is changing – who knows that maybe a new Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Satyarthi…could be from one of our students.

The world is changing, and India is at the center of the world’s growth ambitions – we are rapidly digitizing, creating unicorns in bulk, aiming at high-tech manufacturing, and trying to reform our rural sector. Education and social upliftment will be instrumental in this national vision and this is Gunjan’s small contribution to creating an educated, informed, and capable citizen.